Lee Thompson Fit

My health and fitness journey began at a young age. I have always been involved in school sports and exposed to different types of training regimes over the years. This helped me gain good experience in the health and fitness industry early on. I decided to study health and fitness after school while playing professional rugby. After retiring from rugby I moved into the modelling industry where health and fitness played a huge part in my life.

After all the muscle and size I put on for rugby, I had to now lose it in order to be a working model. I had to change up my training program and eating plan completely to lose 9kgs. This taught me a lot and this new challenge helped me gain a new insight into the industry. With my passion for health and fitness industry along with entrepreneurship, I decided to enter into the business world and open up a gym. Having changed all of my client’s lives through health and fitness, I thought why not share my knowledge with the world by creating a mobile application that can do that. 

Lee Thompson Fit is a fitness app that is currently being developed by Revine and will be available to all smart phone devices soon. The App will have a selection of meal plans, workout programs, tips, tutorials, etc, which will help you achieve your fitness goals.