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Clean Smart

I began the Clean Smart Cleaning Company a few years ago and we have been operating successfully ever since. I saw a gap in the market when i notice that there were more developments going up all over. The more developments going up the more cleaning services would be in demand. I had good experience over the years from previous business ventures and brought the same working system to Clean Smart.

We specialise in cleaning for; Office spaces, Guest houses, Homes, Events, Business Parks, Retail Outlets, Malls, and other spaces, offered on Short Term to Long Term Contracts. We deliver our highly trained and trusted staff to the designated location at the scheduled time along with all the necessary Eco-friendly cleaning materials to take care of the job.

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Revine is an App Development business that I co-own with three partners. We believe that the mobile application industry is a rapidly growing one and a great business to be in.

At Revine, we create and develop Apps for all businesses. We offer an affordable and simple to use service that will increase your business’s profits and awareness. Our Apps are available for all smart phone devices and we customize your App just the way you want it!

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